Unit 8: Linear Equations word Problems

1.- John’s dad has now 35 years and his son 5 years. After how many days the age of the father will be three times the age of John?

a) 3              b)5            c)15                d)10

2.- If you have the double number of marbles than me but you decide to give me three parts of seven of the original number of number of your marbles. At the end you have 54 marbles. How many marbles did you have at the beginning?

a) 4              b) 1            c) 46             d) 36

3.- You have consumed 7/8 from an oil container. Your mother has refilled 1 litter and now the container has 3/4, so it’s almost full. Calculate the capacity of this container.

a) 8/5 L             b) 2L              c) 3/2 L            d) 5 L

4.- In a farm you can find pigs, turkeys. There are 35 heads and 116 legs. How many pigs and turkeys could you count there?

a) 23pigs 40 turkeys               b) 32pigs 15 turkeys               c) 23pigs 12 turkeys

5.- Three quarters of the age of Mark’s mom are 15 years more than his actual age. Three years ago, the age of the mother was double that the age of her son.

Find the solutions of the ages.

a) 25 Mark  53 Mom            b) 12 Mark  45 Mom             c) 36 Mark  68 Mom